Worcestershire Record: Articles by Issue - Issues 26 -

This page lists the articles published in Worcestershire Record, Issues 26-,  in the issue in which they were published. The articles highlighted in green may be found on the web site by clicking on the line.

Issue 26 - April 2009

p.  3      Worcestershire Entomology Day
p.  3      Field Recording Days 2009
p.  4      Field Recording days – Feckenham Wylde Moor
p.  4      Worcestershire Record on the web
p.  5      Field Recording days. Notes on sending data to WBRC.
p.  6      Worcestershire Recorders Committee: Chairman’s Report 2008-09 Geoff Trevis
p.  6      Worcestershire Biological Records Centre: Manager’s Report 2008-09. Simon Wood
p.  6      Election results Annual Meeting March 2009.
p.   7      Annual Meeting 14th March 2009. Presentations: TIMES THEY ARE A’CHANGIN’
pp. 7-8   Introduction and new arrivals. Brett Westwood
p.   8      Which will be the next Orthoptera to hop across the border into Worcestershire? Gary Farmer
pp. 9-11   Butterflies and climate change. Mike Williams
pp. 11-13  Times they are a’changin’ – bees and wasps. Geoff Trevis
pp. 13-14  Spiders, a harvestman, and Homoptera. John Partridge
pp. 14-15  New oak galls in Worcestershire. John Meiklejohn
pp. 15-17  Fungal changes in Worcestershire. John Bingham
pp. 17-19  Increasing plants. Bert Reid
pp. 19-21 Two slugs and two snails. Brett Westwood & Harry Green
p.  21      Ravens and Cedar of Lebanon. Harry Green
pp. 22-23 The BTO Distribution Atlases. Harry Green
pp. 23-26 Changes in moth fauna of the county since 2004. Tony Simpson
p.   26     STOP PRESS – Bombus hypnorum seen in Edgbaston by Andrew Curran
p.   27     Take part in a snail evolution study.
pp. 28-30 Knapped glass from the Bredon Hill area of Worcestershire. Paul Whitehead
p.   30     Frog Rana temporaria L 1758 spawning terrestrially. Paul Whitehead
p.   30     Alert for Cybister lateralimarginalis
p.   31     Tachina ursina Meigen 1824 (local) in Wyre Forest. John Bingham
p.   31     Longhorn beetle Pyrrhidium sanguineum literally coming out of the woodwork. Roger Umpelby
pp. 32-33 Into the second year of the new UK Dragonfly Atlas. Mike Averill
p.  34      Hornet Stories
p.  35      Jackdaws and walnuts. David Cunliffe
p.  35      Cryptocephalus sexpunctatus  Shrawley Wood, Worcestershire CORRECTION. Ross Piper. Corrected on web version of article.
p.  36      The large timberworm beetle Hylecoerus dermestoides in Shrawley Wood. Ross Piper
pp. 37-38 Otters in Kidderminster. Rosemary Winnall
p.   39     Spotted flycatchers – can you help? John Clarke
pp. 40-42 How many male corn buntings Emberiza calandra holding territory at Wick Grange Farm and Glenmore Farm in 2008? Steve Davies
pp. 43-44 Winter farmland bird counts at Wick Grange Farm and Glenmore Farm in 2007-2008. A tale of two methods. Steve Davies
pp. 44-45 Winter farmland bird counts at Wick Grange Farm and Glenmore Farm in 2008-2009. Steve Davies & Peter Holmes
pp. 45-46  Some breeding locations of Corn Buntings Emberiza calandra in Worcestershire. Steve Davies
p.   46      A few notes on song posts used by male corn buntings at Wick Grange Farm and Glenmore Farm. Steve Davies
p.   47      Birds in Worcestershire November 2008-April 2009. Gavin Peplow
p.   48      Kemerton Cuttings. John Clarke
pp. 48-56  Notes on birds of the Severn and Avon Vale, Gloucestershire and south Worcestershire June to September 2008. Mike Smart

Issue 27 - November 2009

p.  2     Preparing an article for Worcestershire Record
p.  3     Editor’s notes Harry Green
p.  3     ANNUAL MEETING 2010
p.  3     Worcestershire Biological Records Centre: Manager’s Report November 2009. Simon Wood
p.  4     Annual subscriptions 2010
p.  4     Field Recording Days 2010
pp.  4-5 Worcestershire Ancient Trees
p.  5     Worcestershire Mammal Atlas
p.  5     The Girdled snail Hygromia cinctella
p.  6      Worcestershire Bryophyte Group outings 2010
p.  6      Border Bryologists Programme 2010
p.  6      A WBRC Mini-Newsletter John Partridge
p.  6      Using the NBN Gateway for species information. John Partridge
pp. 7-12 An account of the uncommon insects I have recorded at Mill Meadow/Mill Rough complex since 1996. Kevin McGee
pp.12-13 Butterflies and the Knapp & Papermill Reserve 2009. Garth Lowe
p.14       Road verges – a large and valuable nature reserve or a wasted resource? John Partridge
pp.14-16 Invertebrates and road verge management. John Partridge
p. 17      Worcestershire’s spiders 2009. John Partridge
p. 17-18  Elephant hawkmoth larvae eating bogbean in garden pond. Wendy Johnson
p. 18      Tiphia femoralis in Worcestershire. Mike Bloxham
pp. 19-20 Aphelocheirus aestivalis, a caseless caddis and a couple of bivalves from the River Severn at Bewdley. Harry Green
p. 21      Harlequin ladybirds Harmonia axyridis in Worcestershire. Harry Green
p. 22      The times they are a’changin’ – bumblebees and wasps. Geoff Trevis
p. 22      Bumblebees and climate – winter records wanted. Geoff Trevis
p. 22-23 The Tree Bumblebee Bombus hypnorum. Geoff Trevis
p. 23      Andrena nigrospina. Geoff Trevis
pp. 24-25 Lemon slugs, Malacolimax tenellus. Rosemary Winnall
pp. 26-30 Fungi of the Malvern Hills. Sheila Spence
p. 30       The Girdled Snail Hygromia cinctella. Harry Green
pp. 31-32 The BTO Atlas of Breeding and Wintering birds 2007-2011. Harry Green
p. 32      Buzzard cleaning mud from talons. Steve Davies
p. 32      Atlas records for Reed Warblers Acrocephalus scirpaceus along the Droitwich Canal. Steve Davies
pp. 32     Rook mimicking Greylag Goose. Paul Whitehead
pp. 33-34 Buzzard attacks man. Compiled by Harry Green
p. 34       Buzzard captures Magpie
p. 34       Big Buzzard Flocks
p. 34       Ravens nesting in Cedar of Lebanon trees
p. 35       Monitoring local Common Buzzard populations Mark & Christine Turner
pp. 36-37 Birds in Worcestershire May-October 2009. Gavin Peplow
pp. 37-42 Breeding waders in the Severn and Avon Valleys (Gloucestershire & Worcestershire) Summer 2009. Mike Smart
p. 42       Pictures from Shrawley Wood. Wendy Larmour
p. 43       Worcestershire Field Recording Days 2009
p. 43       Feckenham Flies: Feckenham Wylde Moor August 2009. Mick Blythe
pp. 44-56 Records from Field Recording Days 2009. Compiled by John Partridge & Simon Wood
pp. 57-59 Upper Hollowfield Farm plant records 30th May 2009. Bert Reid
pp. 59-61 Shrawley Wood plant records 4th July 2009. Bert Reid
pp. 61-63 Feckenham Wylde Moor plant records 1st August 2009. Bert Reid