Worcestershire Record No. 18 April 2005 p. 3


Geoff Trevis, Worcestershire Recorders Committee Chairman.

At the AGM held on 19th March 2005 elections were held for the committee members and for nominees to the BRC board. The following were elected to the committee Mike Averill, Tessa Carrick, John Day, Gary Farmer, Harry Green, John Meiklejohn, Shaun Micklewright, John Partridge, Bert Reid, Patrick Taylor, John Tilt, Geoff Trevis and Rosemary Winnall. John Tilt had been co-opted to the committee to replace Neil Gregory who has moved from Worcestershire whilst we will be welcoming Rosemary for the first time. Joy Ricketts had stepped down from the committee and we are very grateful for the contribution she has made. We hope we still see Joy on the recording days.

Please note that any member of Worcestershire Recorders is welcome to attend the committee meetings which are scheduled for 12th May, 7th July, 8th September and 10th November 2005. The meetings take place at 7.30 p.m. at Lower Smite Farm. Non-elected members attending will be welcome to take part in discussions but they will not be eligible to vote. It would be helpful, but not essential, if you could let the Chairman know you are coming.

Members nominated from Worcestershire Recorders to the WBRC board were Harry Green, John Partridge and Bert Reid. (Geoff Trevis is WBRC Board member from Worcestershire Wildlife Trust).


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