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WBRC aims to provide and maintain the most comprehensive account of biodiversity information within Worcestershire as possible.

We are always grateful to receive records from a variety of sources and we encourage people to go out and record. WBRC understands that collecting and recording biological information can be time consuming an often requires a certain level of commitment, and very much appreciates the contributions made to WBRC by recorders.

If you or your biological society collect biological records, you can help to protect our natural heritage by passing information on. All species records are important to WBRC no matter how common or widespread. However with regards to bird species we would request that only breeding bird (or known resident species) records are passed on to WBRC as organisations such as British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) are much better equipped to deal with the potentially large volume of other records with their BirdTrack system.

species ID guides and other recording resources
Photo credit: J Higgs
Link to WBRC recording form

Link to WBRC Excel recording form

In order for a record to be entered on to our database we need four basic pieces of information.
  • WHO recorded it - the full name and contact details of the recorder
  • WHAT species was observed - the common or scientific name
  • WHERE the species was seen - this should include a location name and either a six-figure grid reference or postcode. Click here for help with grid references. Streetmap can be used to convert postcodes to grid references.
  • WHEN was the species seen - an exact date is preferred

Further information is encouraged if available e.g. photos, habitat details, the number, sex, age or behaviour of the species observed.

WBRC can help with species ID and if you require assistance then photographs of the species or other relevant evidence e.g. feeding remains, droppings, footprints are nearly always necessary. Please send queries to records@wbrc.org.uk or WBRC office.

WBRC is happy to receive records in a variety of formats:
  • Recorder database - if you collect large volumes of data it may be best to install a copy of our own recording software on your computer. Recorder 6 software includes species dictionaries, allows you to easily query your own records and exchange with WBRC.
  • Excel spreadsheet - click here to download and complete over the course of the year. Please email forms to records@wbrc.org.uk or post paper copies to WBRC.
  • Worcestershire Mammal Atlas 2007-2019 - Click here to download a copy of the specific atlas recording form.
  • Email - if you would prefer to report sightings as and when you see them, we are happy to receive emails detailing the sightings at records@wbrc.org.uk. Please include the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN information. Where possible (especially for rare or unusual species) we would appreciate a photograph to be retained for our files
  • Online recording - WBRC has been involved in the Biological Records Centre (BRC) led trials focusing on the online verification of biological records, using iRecord. A selection of trial datasets were provided and loaded into the community warehouse for verification by local and national experts in an effort to test the current system. As a result of the trials, a number of improvements have been made and are now in place. Worcestershire Mammal Group have their own online recording form, all mammal records submitted this way are passed on to WBRC.
  • Consultancy reports, Natural England license report forms etc. - LRCs are aware that consultants collect high priority species/habitats data which has particular value in informing the planning process. Therefore passing on such records to LRCs helps us to provide more comprehensive and informative biodiversity information to stakeholders concerned with wildlife conservation. We understand that consultants may not have time to extract records themselves and so would be happy to receive copies of reports from which we can do so instead.
photo of weasel taken outside the office

Photographic evidence of a weasel spotted outside WBRC offices

Photo credit: J Higgs
Please note that by submitting records to WBRC, you agree that the information can be entered onto our computer database and may be passed on to third parties in an effort to increase understanding of the biodiversity of Worcestershire. The copyright of the records remains with the original recorder. Personal details relating to recorders are not passed on and would only ever be with specific prior permission of the individual recorder. WBRC also retains the right to reject records not fulfilling the basic attribute requirements.

Worcestershire Biological Records Centre

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Last updated March 2017

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